Home Preparation

Whether you are an agent or private seller, it is important to understand that you need to have great images to help sell a home. But before you call for a shoot, be sure you have prepared the home for the photo session. Here are some pointers to help you.


  • Open all blinds & windows and clean windows
  • Turn on all lights – interior, exterior, lamps, range hood, lamps, etc
  • Replace blown-out light bulbs, plug in all lamps
  • Remove floor mats and hall runners (decorative rugs are fine)
  • Store away personal and family photos
  • Remove or hide all power cords and chargers
  • If time is limited, spend less time vacuuming/dusting and more time de-cluttering
  • Store excess items in garages, closets and storage rooms (we don’t usually photograph those areas)
  • Hide all signs of pets (food and water bowls, beds, toys, cages)
  • Tidy laundry area as we do photograph them


  • Make beds, add cushions and throw pillows
  • Tuck away items from under the bed (they often show)
  • Remove clutter from desks and window sills
  • Turn on bedside lamps
  • Store personal items in drawers or closets
  • Remove posters and personal photos
  • Put away stuffed animals and laundry items


  • Remove floor mats and towels on hooks, place towels on towel bars
  • Clear ALL personal products and toiletries from the room
  • Clean shower screens and mirrors
  • Hide laundry baskets
  • Ensure toilet lids are down
  • Add one or two decorative items such as candles or fresh flowers


  • Turn off televisions and computer screens
  • Turn on lamps and overhead lights
  • Turn on fireplace
  • Hide remotes, power cords and declutter
  • Straighten furniture and cushions
  • Hide power cords when possible
  • Add flowers or fruit to dining table if desired
  • Remove excess chairs or furniture


  • Hide exposed garbage bins
  • Remove tea towels not used for staging
  • Declutter fridge of all magnets & notes
  • Remove calendars
  • Clear counters of clutter, excess appliances, food boxes, etc
  • Stow dish racks, pots and pans
  • Clean appliances and other reflective surfaces
  • Add one or two decorative items (bowl of fruit/fresh flowers)


  • Mow lawns and trim hedges
  • Sweep deck areas and pathways
  • Arrange deck furniture and turn on lights
  • Put away kids and pet toys
  • Hide recycling and garbage bins
  • Put cars in the garage or down the street (out of the driveway)
  • Remove BBQ covers and ashtrays
  • Clean yard of leaves and debris

All done? Let get it photographed now!